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About Me

About me : ABOUT ME
Hi I’m Kestas 35 years old very fun outgoing athletic character active in the world.
Young, funny and fresh I love trying my best with everything in life socialising and intimate activity is important to me and always has to be to a very high standard!

I provide world class partnership and sex on demand!

I enjoy giving girls a time in which they have never experienced before in every way and every time is always different. I express my love and partnership through intelligent open minded conversation and bodily expressions and sex when in a discreet location. I provide slow and the ultimate sensually for filling foreplay and sex. Also I use my stamina and core strength to do very fast and powerful movements which are both orgasmic and thrilling to females. Choose your favourite position I know a lot for different feelings and depth. Some you might be doing abit of gymnastics;)

I can be your partner in helping redesign your image at the shops, a great dance partner at the club or formal events or your side kick at business meeting or conferences or want to just chill or have some discrete time away from public, sexual services can be slow and sensual, bit of both, in a tub, in a hot tub, whatever your desires are for this fantasy!

I’m very playful and if your a nice girl I will love our time together, the finest human interaction from a smooth French kiss, to a lovely cuddle !!

I’m very open minded a will try any activity from extreme sports like skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, to anything even if you want me to join you on your gourmet cooking lessons(you win!) as long as it doesn’t do us any harm.

I enjoy business, socialising everyday, dancing, BMX riding, bantering, loving

Power love, creation and

I take love very seriously I treat everything with much respect and will care for you, I have a lot of knowledge which can benefit a lot of people.

I’m your serious romantic lover anywhere from shops to conference but a machine in the bed!

Group party or social activity? I can entertain as many friends or lovers you have and they will all a equal amount of power and love as I don’t just entertain the group, I focus on each individuals needs and desires too!

Central London
Surrey. (Virginia water
Hounslow (west est)
Chertsey Hardwick
Eden bridge. Crackam
Westfield. Guildford

  • Ref number0322162
  • Phone 02071121640
  • Age35
  • Height6.6 ft - 197 cm
  • Weight211 lbs - 96kg
  • Hair colourBrown
  • Eyes colourDark
  • OriginLithuanian
  • LocationNorth Enfield
  • Looking to EscortFemale, Couple
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