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About Me

About me : Dear friend.
What happens with us, stays with us.
I consider myself very chilled, very discreet, smart, open-minded, interested in connecting with new people who are respectful and want to have the very best treatment.
I offer a massage that disconnects us from all hassle and stress. Also companion for hours, trips, overwhelming sex etc.
I ensure you the time spent will be enjoyable, one you won’t forget.
I am very charming and professional. I treat people the same way I am treated.
Try me and be the one to judge. All pics are real.
My massage engages your senses through the use of soothing music, candles, and quality massage oils, as well as the erotic sensual massage itself.
Remember, the perfect nude massage is a sensual journey to sweet relaxation.
I expect only friendly and polite friends as I am just your typical gentleman/adventurous highly educated.
Travel everywhere.
If this sounds good to you, ring/message me & let’s chat.




All escorts can be contacted direct by calling the number on each profile or by email.
we do not arrange bookings or set fees for the escorts all escorts are independent.

each escort will arrange the fees direct with the clients and times and places








  • Ref numberE100799
  • Phone 07099919337
  • Age31
  • Height6 ft - 181 cm
  • Weight189 lbs - 86kg
  • Hair colourBlack
  • Eyes colourBrown
  • Originmixed race
  • LocationCentral London near Oxford Circus station
  • Looking to EscortFemale, Couple
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